Ocean Cruises

We offer luxury ocean cruises that are affordable for the whole family, or the most upmarket cruises for those who value quality, cuisine and culture. Our ocean cruises will be the holiday experience of a lifetime!

The largest and most modern cruise ships are like floating resorts with exciting on-board activities, world class sizzling entertainment, children facilities for all ages, restaurants bringing you a new world of culinary exploration, Spa and Fitness facilities, and a selection of shore excursions at each port of call.

We offer cruises for the adventure traveller, or small luxurious ships or yachts for those who prefer their own privacy or tailor-made cruise.

Ocean Cruises are perfect for any type of traveller. Ace Travel will assist you finding the perfect ship and itinerary for your next holiday, because cruising is all about you!

Africa Ocean Cruises offer cruise passengers the opportunity to enjoy the Indian Ocean from Cape Town or Durban all the way to Namibia, Mozambique, Mauritius, Madagascar and Reunion

Alaska Ocean Cruises offer the most scenic experiences such as the White Pass Scenic Railway, Skagway. Whale sightings are guaranteed on the Whale and Marine Mammals Cruise to Point Adolphus. Stop at Ketchikan, known as Alaska’s ‘First City’, popular for fishing.

Antarctica Ocean Cruises are the luxurious way to explore Antarctica, sailing from Buenos Aires.

Australia & New Zealand Ocean Cruises offer island holidays to various South Pacific Islands, Fiji and Indonesia. Start your holiday in Australia and sail around New Zealand. Or, start sailing in Auckland, New Zealand and end in Sydney or Perth, Australia. Try out the Tahiti Treasures Cruise from Sydney to New Zealand, Tahiti, French Polynesia and ends in Hawaii.

Canadian Ocean Cruises give you the opportunity to explore Saint John in New Brunswick and Halifax in Nova Scotia, Port Edward Islands and Quebec City.

Caribbean & Bahamas Ocean Cruises are a great extension to your holiday in America. Unpack only once, leaving you more time to explore Caribbean Islands such as Coco Cay and Nassau – take a self-guided tour of the ruins of ancient Atlantis in The Dig. Or spend 5 nights visiting Mexico, Belize, Jamaica and Haiti – Glide on a zip line through the forest in Belize and tubing through an underground cave system. If you need a week to relax before heading home, cruise to St.Thomas, St.Maarten, St.Kitts, Peurto Rico or Barbados. Rest assured your cruise will be filled with breath taking views, powder-soft sandy beaches and calm, turquoise waters.

European Ocean Cruises vary from short 3 night cruises between Belgium-France-UK, 5 night cruises between Spain-Italy, 7/8 night cruises throughout the Mediterranean, up to 14 night cruises calling on Portugal and Canary Islands too. Go ‘Island Style’ and cruise through Greece and Turkey.
You think you ‘have been there, done that’? Explore the Black Sea, British Isles, Dalmatian Coast, Scandinavia & Russia, Norwegian Fjords, Arctic Circle or Iceland.

Asian Ocean Cruises are on board some of the world’s best cruise liners. Visit Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and Beijing with cruise holidays between 7 to 14 nights. Enjoy a luxury island cruise from Singapore to Bali, Phuket, Langkawi and Port Klang. If your time is limited, do a 1 night cruise ‘to no-where’ from Hong Kong or a 3 night cruise to Taiwan or Vietnam.

Indian Ocean Island Cruises – Enjoy a luxury cruise while sailing between Mauritius, Madagascar and the Seychelles. Or cruise the popular Mozambique, South African Coastal and Namibian itineraries.

Arabian Gulf Ocean Cruises offer exciting shore excursions such as Arabian Art & Culture Tour in Abu Dhabi, 4 Wheel Drive Wadi Bashing in Oman, Dinner Desert Safari in Dubai. Suez Canal Sailings are from Venice to Dubai, Barcelona to Dubai or Dubai to Turkey.

North America Ocean Cruises sail from New York to the Caribbean Sea. Explore Hawaii while sailing on one of the world’s top cruise liners. The scenic Panama Canal Cruise is very popular with stops in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Colombia and Puerto Rico.
Some Panama Canal Cruises are between Chile and Peru in South America to Florida in America.

South African Local Summer Cruises call on ports in Walvis Bay, Inhaca & Portuguese Islands, Maputo in Mozambique, Madagascar, Mauritius, Reunion.

South American Ocean Cruises call on ports in Sao Paulo, Punta Del Este, Buenos Aires and Montevideo. Join the most popular cruise from Brazil to Chile around Cape Horn, visiting the most Southern town in the world – Ushuala.

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