Mediterranean Islands – Island Holidays


Escape to an all-inclusive Cadiz Island hotel, where the plush amenities of a modern resort are perfectly blended with the dazzling natural beauty of the Spanish coast.

Spend a never-ending beach holiday on the peaceful Balearic gem, Playa de Migjorn Island.

Lose yourself in the alluring Canary Islands, a gift of volcanoes. Its waters, with characteristic turquoise tones that contrast with the predominant ochre of the surroundings, are perfect for practising a wide variety of water sports.

Gran Canaria has been called a “continent in miniature”. The island is a startling blend of ecosystems, microclimates and landscapes. Its coastline combines bare scenery and stunning beaches with facilities and services designed to make the visitor’s stay a more pleasant experience. Explore the mysterious lunar landscape and legendary charm of Lanzarote.

Balearic Islands’ beauty, varied scenery and wealth of culture have made it the most popular tourist destination in the Mediterranean. Explore the seemingly endless beaches with transparent waters, small unspoilt coves, spectacular mountainous regions, and villages and towns with a rich architectural heritage.

Its warm climate all year round makes Tenerife the perfect place to enjoy beaches, sun and sea, and all the activities and sports linked to them. You will find a jigsaw puzzle of landscapes, striking cliffs, green forests and deep valleys with picturesque villages full of flowers. Tenerife has excellent food and a varied range of leisure activities.

Embark on an 8-day cruise program showing the 10 islands archipelago of Canary Islands – a perfect fit for our small ships with a tremendous bio and cultural diversity and perfect weather conditions. December to April is the best period to visit the Canary Islands with temperatures not exceeding 23 degrees Celsius and when winds are at their lowest.


Experience a harmonious balance between conventional cruising and private yachting, along with an exciting voyage of discovery, such as the natural and historical treasures of the Ionian and of the Adriatic Sea. Visit 4 countries: Croatia, Albania, Montenegro and Greece. The medieval treasures of Dubrovnik and Korcula in Croatia, the fjords of the Bay of Kotor, and Budva in Montenegro, the Roman-Hellenistic heritage of Saranda, Albania, and unhurried Paxos with its warm Greek hospitality. Each day you will discover a new port of call, a hidden cove with crystal blue waters to cool you, a glimpse of ancient history to amaze you and rich cultural diversity to intrigue you.


Escape to an all-inclusive resort in the white sandy headland of Gregolimano, that juts out defiantly into the blue waters of the Aegean, across from the mountains.

Do island hopping and explore the most famous Santorini, Mykonos, Rhodes, Kose, Crete, Naxos and many more.

Greece is a traditional destination for relaxing under the Mediterranean sun, enjoying food and sea, and the gorgeous Greek Isles were inherently designed for island-hopping adventures. We offer a variety of cruises in Greece and the Greek islands for all tastes and budgets. Either selecting a luxury yacht or a casual motor-sailor, we promise you a small ship cruise that will bring you right in the heart of the destinations we visit. Enjoy the combination of experiencing so many different cosmopolitan ports, like Mykonos and Santorini, isolated heavenly beaches, local cultures and cuisine. You will overnight in most ports, enabling you to experience the isles’ local nightlife.

From golf to sailing, rock climbing to windsurfing and from cycling to chess, Cyprus is the one destination within reach that fits it all. With year-round sunshine and top class facilities Cyprus is the year-round holiday destination. An island with cool, pine-clad mountains golden sun-kissed beaches, tranquil, timeless villages, modern cosmopolitan towns, luxurious beachside hotels and large areas of natural unspoiled countryside. Cyprus offers a list of activities – Day sailing and yachting, Water sports, Scuba Diving, Hiking and trekking, Wine tasting, Dune buggies, Mountain Biking, Horse riding, Cooking, Golf.


Embark on a cruise voyage and delve into the treasures Turkey. Surround yourself in history at the Western Turkish Coast, the fabled site of Ancient Troy, Dikili and the Greco-Roman city of Pergamon, Kusadasi and the mosaic pavings and legendary sites of Ephesus, one of the greatest outdoor museums of the world.

Gulet Cruises to Islands of Turkey is the perfect Island Holiday in Turkey. We offer Private Gulet Charter for your family and friends, on different classical Gulet boats within any price range. We will help you choose a boat that fits your needs and your budget.

Gulet Cabin Charters are a great alternative for couples with low budget, or for Individuals who want to relax on their own. All cruises are regular and done with or without air-conditioning. You have opportunity to choose from regular Gulet Cruise itineraries.


Enjoy an all-inclusive island holiday in Sicily, land of Etna, where steep alleyways and flower-filled squares look out over the Mediterranean.

Corsica is fortunate to enjoy an exceptional climate all year round. The touristic wealth of the island lies in its rare natural heritage. The villages of Corsica are dotted with Genoese towers, prehistoric ruins and fortified bastions… These intriguing sites and monuments are marked by the passing of time and bear witness to the island’s rich history. Explore traditional markets, have lunch at a gastronomic restaurant.

Sardinia’s sea is clear and practically preserved from every kind of pollution. Many Sardinian beaches are nowadays nationally and internationally well known. From your beach hotel you can come and go as you please and visit the nearby beaches, or head into the interior to explore the more remote parts of Sardinia. You will be fascinated by the small coves that lie in wild corners of the crystalline seas, you will be astonished to see the wonders that nature, with patience over the centuries, has created in the spectacular caves that penetrate the heart of the island.

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