Sport Holidays

Corporate and Leisure Sport Tours

We can arrange you the most popular spectator tours to sporting events, both locally and internationally, so that you can support your favourite team or sportsman, not from your couch, but live….. Cricket, Rugby, Formula 1, Golf, Tennis, Football, Olympics to name just a few.

We can design a sports package for you or your company to cover any event! We provide high-quality, sports-related travel services to the corporate and leisure markets; fully inclusive travel packages with guaranteed event tickets to sporting events worldwide.

Sail to your Sport Event

Windstar has unique theme voyages, offering intimate access to some of the world’s most exclusive destinations and events. These packages and voyages are custom made for exploration. Experience it all in Windstar’s signature private yacht style.

School / Club Tours

Ace Travel provides flexible, tailor-made group travel programmes based around thrilling experiences and global sporting events. We create seamless, start to finish itineraries which allow you to take in the world’s best sporting spectacles and all that surrounds them.

Sample packages:
  • Hockey Tour to Holland
  • Rugby Tour to France or Spain & Portugal
  • Water Polo Tour to Croatia
  • Cricket Tour to India

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